Export Guides

In order to support companies that face the experience of promoting their products outside our borders, PROPANAMA has prepared a guide with the steps for export divided into two phases: the preliminary phase that helps you to do the analysis if you are ready and prepared for the export and procedures phase that you must carry out to do it successfully, this guide can be downloaded and printed. 

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"INTELCOM reflects an effort by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries to generate, share and disseminate information that allows taking advantage of the export opportunities of Panamanian goods, both due to market access achieved in current trade agreements, and as a result of the international markets evolution". H.E. Ramón E. Martinez De La Guardia. Minister of Commerce and Industries..   

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Empleos Panama

Empleos Panamá is a technology platform designed to manage labor contracts and the exploration of employment opportunities, endorsed by the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development of Panama (MITRADEL), making it the official electronic employment exchange of Panama. The tool is free of charge and allows real-time monitoring of candidates and vacancies in registered companies.  

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Calculator for container costs by destination from Panama.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industries in conjunction with Georgia Tech Panama, offer a platform of maritime connectivity from Panamanian ports to the destination that the user requires. The tool allows to identify the port of origin, destination, companies that offer the service, opinions of other users and weekly capacity/frequency. From PROPANAMA we share the link to navigate the platform and take advantage of all its resources..   

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Single Window Export - Ministry of Commerce and Industries

The Single Window, according to Decree No. 53 of 15 July 1985, is the technical unit whose purpose is to centralize and streamline export procedures, through the constant interaction and collaboration with different public entities related to Panamanian international trade. There are a total of 7 single windows in Panama, located in regional areas such as: Colón, Coclé, Chiriquí, Herrera, Los Santos, Bocas del Toro and Panama.   

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Country Files 

Discover information on allied countries of Panama. 

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Trade Map - ITC

This tool allows you to search, compare, analyze and know the current state of trade in the world. Through a comparative table, map, or the way that it is chosen, the user will be able to see the different data of Export, Import, Investment, among others, of each country, even making the comparison with countries anywhere in the world. 

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Learn about the main indicators, data and statistics of Panama

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Discover training opportunities with updated information from different platforms of the National Government and our Strategic Allies.

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Directory of Strategic Partners

Meet and contact our strategic allies. 

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Directory of State Support Entities

Know about the different entities of the Panamanian National Government that support investment and export activities. 

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