Beyond Human

The trend highlights the incorporation of robots with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for work oriented to the well-being, coexistence and comfort of people.

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Unlimited Mobility

Faced with the need to move freely through cities avoiding traffic, consumers are constantly looking for navigation applications to plan their travel routes. Consumers want transport that is modular and adaptable to their needs. 

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Captivate me in Seconds

The consumers in this sector are looking for brands that provide access to their information, products or services in a short time. An example is the use of M-commerce to make purchases and transactions from their smart phones.

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Private Personalization

In this sector, the consumers expect brands to personalize their products or services, giving personal information to optimize the experience.

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Local Pride

A global consumer who wants to adopt a growing national identity from local inspiration. The niche brands trace their global path to success by highlighting their local credentials and bringing them to the minds of the consumers.

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Taking Care of Myself

The consumers in this sector are looking for results-based products to address their specific mental wellness needs and avoid the physiological effects of stress, worry, or insomnia. It is the so-called "holistic happiness".

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Source: Euromonitor.