Virtual Launching - ExpoNegocios Latinoamerica 2021

In recent days the launch of EXPONEGOCIOS LATINOAMÉRICA 2021, which will take place from March 22 to 31, was held, where the Business Opportunities in Panama were presented.

February 23-23, 2021

Official inauguration of Expo Negocios Latinoamérica, where PROPANAMA provides great support with the contribution of the platform for the event. This initiative corresponds to two fundamental components: commercial exhibition and conferences, since it is believed that in this new stage of economic reactivation and when returning to these commercial activities, tools are needed to inform businessmen so that they can obtain better opportunities abroad. 

From March 22 to 31, all those companies interested in promoting goods and services and those who are looking for suppliers of products or services can register as visitors. 

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