The Government of Panama has invested heavily in the growth of the agricultural industry, which leads to a favorable business environment. Some examples of initiatives are:

  • Condonation of Debt.
  • Lowering interest rates for local farmers.
  • Investment in infrastructure: such as cold chain irrigation and storage projects.

The revitalization of the local agricultural sector leads to other complementary industrial opportunities, such as food processing and manufacturing, as well as research and development.

Special Regimen


Law No. 196 of 2021 creates the special regime for the establishment of operating and development of Agropark companies and dictates provisions for their operation.

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Leveraging Logistics Strengths to Redistribute Global Food Supplies

  • Nested in the Panamanian logistics strengths are opportunities for the agriculture and food processing industry.

  • With transshipment on the rise and expanding global logistics traffic, local Free Zones can invest in specialized warehousing and other services to enhance Panama‚Äôs logistics offering.