• First-class infrastructure and outstanding logistics assets define Panama as the quintessential center for regional and global logistics and distribution.

  • World infrastructure ports in both oceans: Panama has three ports in the Atlantic Ocean and two in the Pacific. Col√≥n, located on the Atlantic, is the largest port city in Latin America. 

  • Currently 23% of port cranes in Latin America are located in Panama.

Panama also has a rail system parallel to the Canal that serves as a dry canal between the Atlantic and the Pacific; and, the last piece of the Logistics Services system is Panama's air connectivity.

 As the headquarters for the Hub of the Americas operated by COPA Airlines, Panama's Tocumen International Airport connects directly to 90 destinations in 38 countries.

Panama leads in the ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean) ranking of Latin American ports.

Panama offers a unique access point to Latin America and the Caribbean. .

The first and best known element of our Logistics Service Center is the Panama Canal, which moves  6% of world trade and is connected to:

  • 1,700 ports around the world.
  • Through 144 maritime routes.
  • Serving more than 160 countries directly from Panama.